Cari2 Mobil Fest (CMF) 2022 runs during August 2022, with Extra Cashback of up to IDR 5,000,000 for lucky customers.

Terms for customers:

  1. Customer is an Indonesian citizen.
  2. Customer buys a new car or a used car through a registered seller in Cari2 Mobil.
  3. Customer buys a car during CMF, August 2022 with September 9, 2022 as the due date for receiving the car.
  4. Customer who have purchased a car during CMF 2022 can fill in the following form, click here.

Important messages:

  1. Cari2 Mobil doesn’t accept all payments for car purchases.
  2. Cari2 Mobil has the right to check purchase information from customers, sellers and other related parties like dealers and others.
  3. Customers will be contacted by Cari2 Mobil.
  4. Cari2 Mobil’s decision to choose lucky customers cannot be changed by other parties.

Please contact Cari2 Mobil if you have any questions, click here.